Download Ajax Search Pro v4.22.5 Best Live Free

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Download Ajax Search Pro v4.22.5 Best Live Free

The results are displayed with images (if available) to make them look seriously attractive and less gross. Ajax Search Pro for WordPress aims to increase customer searchability. It offers live ajax searches, making WordPress search more enjoyable.

Search can return posts, pages, any custom post sorting (e.g. WooCommerce products, discussions BBPress, topic, reply), classes, custom scientific categorization terms (e.g. product classes, portfolio labels), clients, bundles BuddyPress and action BuddyPress.


Live WordPress search and filter plugin

Download Ajax Search Pro V4.22.5 Best Live Free
  • A wide variety of content is great help. Search supports posts, pages, and any kind of custom post. WooCommerce, Jigoshop, Ecommerce and many more modules use custom post types, so they are all achievable with Ajax Search Pro.
  • Custom Frontend Interface: Plugins provide the customer with a custom frontend interface. By checking a number of checkboxes, customers can change the search results, for example, only search for exact matches, include or block certain post types, classifications or custom scientific categorizations (e.g. product list).
  • Format and subject: Four underlying designs: photo, scene, polaroid and isotropic. Over 60 predefined topics for each format, including demo pages.
  • Gadgets and Shortcodes: Three unique gadgets that Okay offers (late searches, known search terms, and a search gadget) and two shortcodes for each search. Buttons for embedding a shortcode additionally appear in the post manager. Search query
  • Image support: There are inherent libraries of exceptional similarity for image processing. They can examine content, screen speed, custom fields, or simply display the provided image.
  • Symbol: Use plenty of high-quality svg symbols, vectors, and svg colors, or download your own if you like.
  • Search reason: adjustable You can change the search reason to your wishes. Naturally, the module works with OR reasoning to provide more results. If you need more thorough results, you can change it in a jiffy. Additional data can be accessed in the search reasons section of the report.
  • Image Analyzer: Customizable, highly adjustable image analyzer shows the best quality photos in search results. The module can filter a wide variety of image types: favorites, in posts, from excerpts.
  • Channel by Class Labels, Ranking: Create and verify classifications, labels, and channels for scientific categorization terms. Check boxes, drop-down lists, and radio buttons are retained.
  • Custom Channels: For significantly more complex formats, you can create custom field channels to provide customers with more sophisticated approaches to tracking your substance.
  • WPBakery Page Builder Support: As of Form 4.0, search has an extra for WPBakery. You can oversee search matters without much effort through the WPBakery module.
  • Smaller Mode: No Search Gadget Site? You can hide the search bar until the customer taps the magnifying glass icon.
  • Suggested search by: google and programmed catchphrase ideas fill in and google autocomplete is enabled of course. Sentence language can be conveniently changed (Russian is also supported).
  • Implicit Tracker: Track your search results with a simple built-in tracker. This will help you improve Ajax search speed.
  • Participate in Google Analytics: With the click of a button, you can coordinate Google Analytics in the search, after which the terms will appear as online visits in the research toolbar.
  • Reserve: For high-traffic locations, you can reduce the number of inquiries about the information base and increase query execution by leveraging the storage used. Choice Compatible provides you with a convenient solution interface in case something goes wrong.
  • Import and export: use and search settings in another project? Customize your search tendencies and import them into another site.

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