Download TranslatePress Pro v2.3.4 Add-ons for free

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Download TranslatePress Pro v2.3.4 Add-ons for free

A better way to translate your WordPress site right from the front, with full support for WooCommerce, complex themes, and website builders. An easy-to-use WordPress translation plugin that changes things.

It’s easy to get started, no additional installation is required, and there are no compatibility issues with other plugins or themes.

After installing TranslatePress Pro, choose your secondary language and start translating your entire website in an intuitive, accurate, custom way


Plugin for WordPress translations

Download Translatepress Pro V2.3.4 Add-ons for free
  • Full page translation: Translate what you see. The interface allows you to translate an entire page at once, including outputs from shortcodes, forms, and page builder.
  • _e(“Hello $%s”);: Supports dynamic strings (gettext) added by WordPress, plugins and themes.
  • Translation Blocks: Allows you to translate larger html blocks with one translation, by concatenating multiple translation strings into one translation block.
  • Image translation: Translate images directly from the translation interface when you need to display different images for each language of your website.
  • Automatic Translation: Integrated with Google Translate and DeepL, you can quickly translate your content and correct only what isn’t perfect.
  • Customizable Language Switcher: The comprehensive language switcher includes a per user per page floating dropdown, a shortcode, and menu items that you can add to any WordPress menu.
  • WooCommerce Support: Works well with WooCommerce, custom post types, complex themes, and website builders.
  • Browse as: View your site as the current user (login) or as the logged out user. This makes it easy for you to translate all your website content, even dynamic pages like custom login pages.
  • Support that everything is solved!: Never worry about getting stuck with your project.
  • SEO Package: SEO support for page snail, page title, description and information social chart facebook and twitter. The HTML lang attribute is set correctly. Multilingual sitemap support for all popular SEO plugins (Yoast SEO, Rank Math, AIOSEO, SEOPress)
  • Multilingual: Add as many languages ​​as you need to take your project global.
  • Do not publish your language until all your translations are ready. looking for more information
  • Automatic user language detection: First-time visitors are redirected to their preferred language based on browser settings or IP address
  • DeepL Automatic Translation: Translate your website automatically using the DeepL API.
  • Translator accounts: Create translator accounts that can translate websites without having to deal with WordPress, website builders or meta boxes.
  • Browse by user roles: Navigate your site as a specific user role would. Really useful for dynamic or hidden content that appears for specific users. looking for more information
  • Language-based navigation: Configure different menu items for different languages. looking for more information

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