Download WP Hide & Security Enhancer PRO v3.8.1 for free

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Download WP Hide & Security Enhancer PRO v3.8.1 for free

WP Hide & Security Enhancer Pro Nulled is a simple solution to keep your WordPress core files, login page, theme and plugin directories in plain sight on the front.

This is a significant improvement over Site Security as no one will know you are managing a WordPress site. Provide an easy method to remove all WordPress fingerprints from html.


Features WP Hide & Security Enhancer PRO

Wp Hide Security Booster Pro 1

  • There are no changes to files or folders: No files or folders are changed on your server; everything is done virtually! To apply all the functionality and features, the plugin algorithm uses URL rewriting methods and WordPress filters.
  • Compatible with all other plugins and themes: Code that is well designed and compatible with all themes and plugins. The site will continue to function normally after the plugin is active.
  • Compatible with WordPress MultiSite: PRO FEATURE: Support for MultiSite environments. It can be configured to work per site (specific settings for each network site) or globally (superadmin settings)
  • Personalized login URL: Boots that try to brute force all sites receive hits on the login page. Due to the high number of retries, this requires a significant increase in processing CPU power, resulting in a significant drop in site performance and response time. Boots will only visit a cached 404 error page if the default login URL is blocked, therefore no resource is needed.
  • Any host/server can use it: various hosting server configurations based on Linux and Windows operating systems have been tested and are 100% compatible.
  • Compatible with Nginx: PRO FEATURE: LEMP stack and full Nginx support. Included is an advanced rewrite query engine that provides the most efficient and light rewritable data.
  • Rewrite Deployment (Automated/Manual): PRO FEATURE: Apache and IIS are used to automatically deploy the rewrite data to the server. If this is not possible, a graphical user interface can be used to guide you through the procedure. Automatic update rewrites can be disabled for manual updates if needed.
  • Paths are blocked and rewritten (default): The plugin not only allows you to customize your WordPress default URLs, but also lets you hide/block defaults!
    All other similar plugins only adjust the slugs, but the default is still available.
  • Customize the plugin URL: Change the path to a plugin’s folder and any unique URL for that plugin, with the option to disable all defaults.
  • Clean up the meta: HTML Meta cleanup for Meta Generator, wlwmanifest, feed links, rsd link, adjacent posts rel, profile link, canonical link and more PRO FEATURE
  • Ajax calls in WordPress need to be changed: PRO FEATURE: Block the default use of run-ajax.php and change it to something else.
  • Import/Export Preferences: PRO FEATURE: The import/export feature makes it easy to migrate settings and set up plugins.
  • Compatible with PHP mod rewrite and web.config: To enable fast and efficient URL changes, seamless interaction with the current Apache mod rewrite or IIS web.config PHP extensions is available.
  • Default WordPress directories need to be changed: replace wp-content, wp-include and wp-admin with custom WordPress directories. Everything is done theoretically; no actual directories on the server are changed.
  • Mask by theme: To suppress the display of the theme name, version, author, and other information about the theme or child theme, hide any references to it. It will not be obvious that it is a WordPress theme.
  • Clean HTML: Clean HTML comments created by plugins and themes, as well as auto-generated WordPress core classes for the body, post, and images, such as page-template-x, format-x, and wp-image-X.
  • Postprocessing Replacements: PRO FEATURE: Replace any element on your site, including HTML and assets (CSS, Javascript variables)
  • Clean up the headers: PRO FEATURE: Remove X-Powered-By, X-Pingback, and other server response headers.
  • Control using the XML-RPC API: Change the path and block the default path to have full control over the XML-RPC API (xml-rpc.php path, disable XML-RPC authentication, remove pingback).
  • Control using JSON REST API: By disabling and blocking the default URL, you have full control over the JSON REST V1 and V2 APIs. Disable the REST API link tag from showing in the page header. Disable the WP RSD endpoint for JSON REST,
  • Advanced CSS options: PRO FEATURE: Gives you full control over CSS data and associated assets (Html ​​classes and IDs). Combine all assets and inline CSS into one file, then post-process the CSS assets and HTML to remove comments, minify classes and IDs, and replace them.
  • Processing in JavaScript: PRO FEATURE: Full control over JS assets, including inline code concatenation into a single file, code cleanup, minification, and the substitution of JavaScript variables.
  • Access to the default core files is restricted: direct access to any of the WordPress root files, such as license.txt, wp-load.php, and wp-settings.php, should be blocked. Individual file permissions/restrictions are provided.
  • Manage HTML output: disable emoji, clean styles and script resources, version URLs, and remove ID attribute
  • Firewall: PRO FEATURE: With the help of a proactive security solution, a website can be completely protected. Adds an extra layer of security, preventing malicious software and malware from reaching the server.
  • CDN: Supports integration with a content distribution network by providing a specialized interface (CDN).
  • Custom Map URLs: PRO FEATURE: Custom map URLs that can be used to replace any current HTML link. This function can also be used to remap entire paths and subfolders.
  • White label themes and plugins: PRO FEATURE: White label plugins/themes/code, even complicated programs like page builders, by replacing text on executed code and assets (Elementor, WPBakery Page Builder).

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