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Explanation of Ezoic, an alternative to AdSense, and the way to profit from it 2022

EZOIC profits are very high, today we will explain them and how to profit from them.

Ezoic explained in detail from beginning to end

 ezoic is the best, best, and most beautiful alternative to Google Adsense to be used by those who do not have very large and unacceptable sites in Google Adsense.

 Ezoic is also a large company and is certified by the giant Google AdSense, and at the same time, we find it an excellent alternative if you have not tried to work in Adsense.

 Ezoic calculates its earnings based on the number of page views of ads, not just clicks, like other sites and companies it works on. And sometimes it may reach $ 60 in earnings per 1000 views, and this is according to many studies done by many.

 If you are rejected on the Google Adsense platform, you can request to apply on the famous Ezoic website and collect a lot of profit and profit from your site by dealing with Ezoic company, which is the best advertising platform through which you can get multiple ads as well as determine the quality and size of the ad

Ezoic is the best alternative to Google Adsense and some other companies It is also a website certified and approved by the giant Google.

What are the requirements for admission to the Ezoic site?

  To join Ezoic, you must have a paid domain on your site. If you do not have a paid domain, you can use the free domain.

  Your site should get 10,000 visits in at least one month.

  Your site contains the best exclusive content compatible with SEO standards.

 It is clear that the terms of this company are very easy and simple and not like Google Adsense.

What are the disadvantages of Ezoic?

 There is one downside to ezoic that it puts ads for Adsense that don’t match the content of your site, and this may cause the site to not improve the site’s overall performance.

What types of ads does Ezoic offer?

  •  mobile ads
  •  Persistent ads
  •  Link ads
  •  Banner ads

How to register in ezoic company and how to link your blog?

 We will enter the official ezoic website and register on the site and we will open a new account to log in to your control panel and run ads and benefit from ezoic services

 You enter your data like email, name, and password, then simply add the link to your website within the ezoic site, then generate the ad codes and codes and place them on your site and the ads will appear in just a matter of hours

Does ezoic accept all blogsposts?

 Of course, ezoic is compatible with most platforms, such as Blogger, WordPress, or others,

However, it is recommended that your site is on WordPress for ease of setup and configuration, and because of the potential to increase your earnings when using WordPress.

 Is applying to Ezoic free?

 Yes, applying to Ezoic is free. But there is a paid membership that may cost you $39 a month.

 What is the difference?

If you join for free, you will not make money from one ad per page. This means that if one page has four ads, you will earn from three of them and Ezoic will earn from one ad.

 The price of a paid membership increases if you earn more than $1,000 per month in ads. However, you can be a free member with Ezoic to earn a tiny amount of your traffic.

 In general, your earning potential will be much higher with Ezoic than with AdSense.

What payment methods are available on ezoic for bloggers?

 You will be paid cash via PayPal, but get paid once a month, with a minimum withdrawal of only $20, unlike AdSense of $100.


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