Fancy Product Designer v4.7.9 Free Download

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Fancy Product Designer v4.7.9 Free Download

Fully integrated into the WooCommerce Shopping Cart system. Supports all product types: simple, customizable, downloadable.


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Fancy Product Designer V4.7.9 Free Download

Use with all Woocommerce products

All WooCommerce product types are supported: simple, customizable and downloadable. Enable Product Designer for each WooCommerce product individually or for all.

Integrated shopping cart Woocommerce

The plugin is seamlessly integrated with WooCommerce Shopping Cart. Easily re-edit products from the shopping cart. Show relevant element attributes in cart and email order.

Downloaded Products

When you mark a WooCommerce product as downloadable, your customers can download the product as soon as you receive payment.

Product styles may change

Load another customizable product into the designer using the selected WooCommerce variant.

Different viewing positions

Choose where you want to display the Product Designer on the product page. Replace product images, open in a modal, show after product titles and more.


Product Designer calculates prices based on WooCommerce product prices and all other Fancy Product Designer pricing rules. You can even turn off the price feature and display the “Get Quote” button.

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