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How to make a profit from Facebook 2022

Facebook giant company today will talk about how you can earn a lot of money on Facebook.

How to make a profit from Facebook from a page or group and its conditions

 How to make a profit from Facebook through advertisements and offers from a Facebook account, a Facebook page, or large groups, and benefit from the use of the Facebook platform to the maximum.  In terms of monetization, what are the sources that you can use to make profits from the social networking platform Facebook?

 How to make a profit from Facebook from a page or group and its conditions

 Facebook is considered one of the largest social platforms currently, with 2.24 billion active monthly users, and this is a huge number, but the question is how to make a profit from this platform and how to make profit from Facebook easily by creating Facebook pages or creating large groups or large personal accounts  also

 How to make money from a Facebook page:

 Facebook pages did not display any ads before, but the situation has changed now so that Facebook supports the feature of making a profit through ads displayed on videos, but in certain regions and countries only, and there are a set of conditions set by Facebook for page owners to achieve profits.

 Terms of profit from Facebook

Some of the conditions for making a profit from Facebook are easy and others may be somewhat difficult, which we will mention to you.

 How many followers need on Facebook 

 It is for your Facebook page to have achieved 10,000 followers and this is easy you can see from here how to increase the followers of a Facebook page until you achieve this number every year and you can make profits from Facebook.

Profits from Facebook page views


 Your Facebook page must have achieved 30,000 views on the published videos, and the duration of each video is more than 3 minutes to be able to profit from Facebook ads on videos.


 To make a profit from Facebook, you must be publishing on your Facebook page videos without copyright, non-stolen content, not dangerous, containing threats or sexual content, and not violating Facebook policies.

 Residence in an eligible country:

 To make a profit from Facebook

you must be in one of the countries eligible to make a profit from Facebook, such as some Arab countries that have been added to the countries that are eligible for profit, such as Egypt, Morocco, Iraq, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Turkey.

 How to withdraw Facebook earnings:

 When you activate the box to make a profit from Facebook videos that are more than 3 minutes long, you can withdraw your profits easily via PayPal if it is more than $ 100, just like YouTube, or through checks.

 If your Facebook page meets these conditions, you will find a qualification in green. It will appear to you in the earnings box. Congratulations. But if you did not meet the conditions for profit from Facebook and found it difficult to achieve, there are other ways to profit from Facebook without the need for Facebook ads on your videos.

 How to make money without Facebook ads:

Here in this topic if you do not meet the conditions required to profit from Facebook ads through the page, here you can use a Facebook page, large Facebook groups, or large personal accounts as well, and here we will mention to you the possible ways to make profits from Facebook by providing services and

making offers via:

Profit from promoting products and goods or advertising for clothing or food stores Profit converting page or group visitors to links to YouTube videos or links to sites that you make an advertisement for Profit from advertising for certain applications to increase the download of this application you can also make a profit from Facebook through CPA ads for international companies and sell products to them And making a profit through Facebook, Tik Tok or YouTube depends entirely on the volume of visitors to these pages or accounts, and from here the profit is either through advertisements or through promotion, and here we have provided you with the necessary information or a summary of it for how to achieve a stable income from Facebook through  Advertising or promotion.

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